Shutting Down For The Holidays

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Many companies and organizations make the decision to shut down production during the holiday season. There are many benefits to this practice, aside from getting to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. Here are some of the reasons Holiday Shutdowns are a good decision this holiday season.


The company saves money on various overhead expenses during that time such as:
  • Running lights
  • Air-conditioning/heating
  • Staffing the cafeteria
  • Not needing as many security guards on duty
  • Less PC’s powered on
  • Less first aid supplies being used up




Even if they didn’t shut down, a significant portion of their staff will probably be on vacation anyway since people travel for the holidays, schools are closed and they may not have childcare, etc. With such a reduced staff available to work, the amount of work that can be gotten done rapidly decreases. Key decision makers aren’t available to resolve design decisions, collaborators who know how a system is designed aren’t there to answer questions, subcontractor’s office is closed. etc. Plus those at work may have reduced morale and productivity. Many people, intentionally or not, may work at a slower pace or spend more time chit-chatting or doing stuff unrelated to work, or goofing off in some way.

Having a complete shutdown allows the company to do scheduled maintenance on the actual facility that would take longer than a weekend, without the risks of employees being in the way to be injured or inconvenienced.



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