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  Moisture Mitigation System



DUR-A-GLAZE MVP PRIMER is a clear, 100% solids epoxy moisture mitigation system formulated to bond to concrete with relative humidity (RH) as high as 99% (at 40% depth). It is designed to reduce moisture vapor emission levels up to 20 lbs/1000 sq. ft./24 hours to 3 lbs/1000 sq. ft./24 hours or less.








  • Reduces moisture levels to 3 lbs. 1,000 sq. ft/24 hours or less
  • VOC 0 g/L
  • Typical one coat application
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Resistant to high Ph


Typical Uses

  • Moisture mitigation system under any epoxy-based Dur-A-Flex flooring system
  • Primer over Dur-A-Tex 32
  • Use with Dur-A-Flex-approved resilient flooring underlayment primers

Technical Information 

Color                                                       Clear
Hardness Shore, D                             75-80
Compressive Strength                        11,200 psi
Flame Spread                                       Class A
Tensile Strength                                  2,100 psi
Flexural Strength                                 5,100 psi

Flexible Membrane Systems


GENERAL POLYMERS 3552 EPO-FLEX FLEXIBLE EPOXY MEMBRANE is a high solids, flexible epoxy material which combines the toughness, adhesion and durability of epoxies with a degree of flexibility common to polyurethanes. Flexibility is achieved without the use of plasticizers or other additives which can separate or migrate out of the epoxy complex as the material ages or is degraded due to environmental conditions. GENERAL POLYMERS 3552 EPO-FLEX FLEXIBLE EPOXY MEMBRANE may be used with fiberglass mesh in surfaces for larger cracks and joints.




  • Optional reinforcement
  • Bridges hairline cracks, aids in suppression of reflective cracking of trowel applied flooring due to substrate movement associated with thermal movement.
  • Flexible, yet tough * State of the art chemistry assures long-term flexibility
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures
  • Waterproofing
  • Acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities

Typical Uses

GENERAL POLYMERS 3552 EPO-FLEX FLEXIBLE EPOXY MEMBRANE is recommended for use as a flexible membrane under General Polymers trowel and fluid-applied flooring systems where substrate cracking is anticipated and/or evident or as a waterproofing membrane as required. Installations under aesthetic and functional overlays include: mechanical equipment rooms, kitchens, animal research, wet production, secondary containment and other areas requiring protection from substrate through-system cracking.
Technical Information
Color                                      Gray
Adhesion                              300 psi
Flammability                       Self-Extinguishing over concrete
Hardness Shore, D            23
Tensile Strength                  1,200 psi



Anti-Graffiti Coating

Anti-Graffiti Coating is a one-component, non-sacrificial, ready-to-use siloxane coating that cures with atmospheric moisture. Intended for use over properly prepared concrete surface.





  • Excellent graffiti resistance
  • Excellent cleanability with either water power-washing, or solvent wipe
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Fast drying
  • Non-Sacrificial
  • Outstanding airless spray properties
  • Single component


Recommended for use in:

  • Bridge Abutments
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Transit Stations
  • Overpasses
  • Railcars
  • New Construction



Intumescent Fire Protective Coating

Firetex FX5120

Firetex FX5120 is a waterbased thin-film intumescent fire protection coating for use on interior exposed structural steel substrates. Its smooth paint-like finish allows architects to design using exposed steel for a decorative and aesthetic final appearance.




  • Provides up to 2 hours fire protection in accordance with UL 263 (ASTM E-119) and CAN/ULC-S101
  • Single component
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Impact resistant
  • Outstanding application characteristics


Recommended For Use In:

  • For use on exposed structural steel that requires an aesthetic finish
  • Commercial buildings
  • Healthcare / Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Educational buildings
  • Stadiums Iconic structures
  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Atriums
  • Warehouses
  • School gymnasiums
  • Convention centers


Technical Information:

Finish                                 Flat
Color                                 White
Volume Solids                   69%
Weight Solids:                   71%
VOC                                  <4 g/L ; 0.03 lb/gal
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