Be Thankful for Fast-curing Flooring Systems!

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  • Fast curing to reduce downtime

  • Low odor allows installation anytime

  • High-performance decorative options

  • Installs in hours – not days


Accelera 2 – 3 Hour Cure Time



Accelera Standard Series

Accelera standard systems feature proprietary resins throughout for a fast-installing, high performance floor system. Standard systems include decorative vinyl chip and quartz broadcast designs as well as solid color broadcast systems for more industrial applications.


Accelera B – Solid color quartz broadcast


Accelera C – Decorative vinyl chip broadcast


Accelera Q – Decorative quartz broadcast

Accelera Hybrid Series

Accelera hybrid systems feature the same design options as the standard systems with the added feature of a high-moisture tolerant and self-priming cementitious urethane basecoat. Hybrid systems are the ideal choice for fast installatios needed in new construction, installing over concrete as new as 5 – 7 days old.
Accelera HB – Solid quartz broadcast
Accelera HC – Decorative vinyl chip broadcast
Accelera HQ – Decorative quartz broadcast



Here is a color chart for Accelera Standard Colors.


SRS DEGADUR Flooring Systems

The Floor That Cures In One Hour


These one hour cure, methacrylate resin systems are superior to other available technologies.
For years, DEGADUR® flooring systems have been recognized for superior quality and longevity. These unique flooring systems are used on a continuing basis in over 40 countries around the world.
One Hour Cure Downtime for most facilities is a major concern and expense. The one hour cure of DEGADUR® flooring systems eliminates excessive downtime. The facility can return to full operation in a fraction of the time required with slow-curing systems.
Urethane Quartz
Even in temperature extremes down to -20˚ F, DEGADUR® systems fully cure in one hour. This is due to the unique curing mechanism inherent to methacrylate technology.
DEGADUR® flooring systems cure via a free radical polymerization reaction. Within one hour of application, virtually 100% of the DEGADUR® binder system has been converted from a liquid to an inert solid. There are no unreacted portions of the material left to leach out of the system.
DEGADUR® consists of resin and a powder initiator. The initiator rapidly dissolves in the resin and initiates the curing process without effecting the properties of the finished product, unlike other multi-component systems.

Degadur 523

MasterTop 1817 SRS PC

MasterTop SRS 32JF

MasterTop SRS 40TC

MasterTop SRS 41P

MasterTop SRS 51P

MasterTop SRS 61BC

MasterTop SRS 71TC


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