Seamless Walls and Ceilings

Seamless Walls and Ceilings


Seamless epoxy wall coatings offer a durable, sanitary and attractive finish for industrial and institutional walls and ceilings. When combined with fiberglass reinforcement they produce a water, impact and crack resistant coating for drywall. This system is perfect for use in commercial kitchens, hospitals, veterinary clinics, correctional facilities, and clean rooms. We use several different manufactures for Seamless Walls and Ceiling projects such as BASF, General Polymers, and Dur-A-Flex.

Low Odor | Ultra Low VOC | USDA Compliant | Maximum Impact & Chemical Resistance |

Easy To Maintain


Dynamic Coatings, Incorporated provides reinforced, resinous decorative wall coatings unlike any other. With our various systems, we seamlessly connect walls and ceilings, creating high-impact, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean surfaces. Using high-performance polymer technology and fiberglass reinforcement, our manufacturers offer excellent dimensional stability and extreme durability. Our wall systems are very low VOC, come in a variety of colors, and consist of a combination of a base coat and a top coat in order to best meet your specific needs.


No Static Cling | Does Not Flake, Chip, Crack, or Get Brittle | Unaffected By Most Temperature Variations | Provides A Vapor Barrier


For a truly seamless integration of walls, ceilings, and floors, look no further than Dynamic Coatings, Incorporated. Our Seamless Walls and Ceiling Systems connect the interior surfaces of rooms –tying or wrapping the walls into the ceiling and floor and rounding the inside corners. As a result, cracks and crevices which typically harbor dirt and promote bacterial growth are banished, and the smooth new surface is aesthetically pleasing and easy to keep clean. This resinous, decorative wall coating has been tested and shown to successfully connect unalike substrates without having to use sealants, joints, or other connection materials. We utilize an approach which involves the installation of wide radius corners, both horizontal and vertical, which permit floors and walls to be applied in overlapping layers. The ensuing wall and ceiling finish is attractive and holds up superbly against physical abuse and harsh chemicals.


Stability, Durabilty, & Cleanability


Dynamic Coatings, Incorporated is all about stability, durability, and cleanability. The products we use withstand impact, abrasion, and chemical exposure. It resists thermal shock and daily high-pressure steam cleaning. It is known to not flake, chip, or crack, and it does not get brittle as time goes by. All of the wall coatings we install can be easily cleaned by wash downs and are unaffected by most variations in temperature. The joint-free surfaces provide a vapor barrier, and the rounded floor, wall, and ceiling connections create an environment that is easy to keep sterile (as all non-sterile crevices and ragged junctures are eliminated).

Two Types Of DynaGlaze Reinforced Base Coats:

DynaGlaze RM  or  Fiberglass Reinforcement Mat

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