Crack and Joint Repairs and Calulking

Crack and Joint Repairs and Caulking


All of our products for Crack and Joint Repair and Caulking cure in 1-hour, will cure in low to freezing temperatures, have no odor, and will not contaminate food. We use Metzger/McGuire products which come in a variety of colors that complement existing flooring shades. We do a wide range of crack and joint repairs such as:  minor joint spalling not exceeding 1” wide, concave/low joint filler profile, major joint spalling greater than 1”, joint filler separation (minor to severe), random cracks (less than 1/8” wide), random cracks (1/8” wide or greater), surface spalls/defects larger than 6”, and surface spalls/defects less than 6”.





  • Rapid-cure
  • Semi-rigid
  • Flexible
  • Cures in low temperatures



before crack repair

Completely seals

Keeps dirt, dust, and water out

Does not harbor bacteria


after joint repair

Easy to clean

Over 24 colors to choose from

Life expectancy of over 5 years


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